Adventurer YX deeply explored various mysterious place, and showed mysterious and unknown world by NFTs.NFTs are presented in form of my portraits or fabricate cartoon portraits, and real landscape photos which cartoonizer from original photos we took.Character Portrait size is subjected to real landscape photo view. Shooting methods include normal shooting and drone shooting.

All NFTs have unlockable contents,and unlockable contents are original photos.Collectors are able to see NFTs’unlockable contents unless they own NFTs.

NFTs'original photos are photographed in these mysterious place.

1.Lop Nur no man's land: One of the eight forbidden zones to life in the world;

2.Mount Kailash:Discovered as the center of the world. The point where heaven meets earth.No human could ever climb to the peak;

3.Mount Everest(Qomolangma):Earth's highest mountain;

4.Kanas Lake:The mystery of water monsters in the lake;

5.Changtang no man's land: The largest no man’s land in China;

6.Sepu Kamiyama: The important kamiyama in Tibet,China;

7.Guge Kingdom:Mysterious disappearing dynasty;

8.North Korea:The most isolated and secretive country in the world.