North Korea

North Korea, also called the ''hermit kingdom,'' is the most isolated and secretive country in the world.


The roughly 24 million people who live in the totalitarian state have minimal interaction with the outside world. Foreign media is forbidden, interaction with tourists is strictly controlled and the Internet is inaccessible to almost everyone.


I have strong desire to deeply know the most isolated and secretive country. When I visited North Korea, I tried to wear formal cloth to look like a local to touch North Korea people real life because most of locals wear formal clothes either. Unfortunately,my image not look like a local even I wear formal cloth. My whole trip in North Korea was accompanied by 3 local tour guides. Tourists were not allowed to touch local people without accompany with local tour guides. The only chance I had to touch locals is to touch tour guides, government or military officials, so I seized all opportunities as much as possible to touch them.