Changtang No Man’s Land

Chang Tang lies in the northern Tibetan Plateau. It is the third-largest land nature reserve in the world, after the Northeast Greenland National Park and Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, with an area of over 334,000 km2 (129,000 sq mi),making it bigger than 183 countries. Administratively, it lies in Xainza County and Biru County of the Nagqu Prefecture. With the more recently established adjoining reserves listed below there is now a total of 496,000 km2 (191,507 sq. miles) of connected Nature Reserves, which represents an area almost as large as Spain and bigger than 197 other countries.

With elevations ranging from 4,300 to 7,000 m, the climate in Changtang is extremely cold and arid, yet it contains a wealth of unique and endangered wildlife. Habitat species include chiru, snow leopards, Tibetan wild ass (kiang), along with Tibetan brown bears, blue sheeps, Tibetan sand foxes, black-necked cranes, and wild yaks.

No signal at Changtang No Mans Land. I spent 14 days to pass through this area.

The mystery of the Heaven's Gate in Chang Tang

The heaven’s gate in Chang Tang, various wildlife are attracted by a mysterious force ,make a long and difficult journey,to the Heaven’s Gate to wait quietly for death.

For example,I saw a dying wild yak,eyes covered in tears,staggered towards death.

At heaven’s gate, there is no law of the jungle,all kinds of animals get along well,silently waiting together for the life last moment to come.


Changtang NFTs Example