Lop Nur

Lop Nur,forbidden zone to life, one of four no man’s Lands in China.Lop Nur is also one of the eight forbidden zones to life in the world.Lop Nur is located in the middle of the vast desert, tightly surrounded by desert dust, and there are often tornado attacks, desert subsidence, beast attack, lack of water and so on. The first Chinese nuclear bomb occurred at Lop Nur on 16 October 1964. Square measure:91,000 square kilometers.No signal at Lop Nur.I spent 8 days to pass through this area.

Mysterious events and legends about Lop Nur.

1.Mysteriously missing great scientist

Peng Jiamu was a great scientist and explorer who vanished during an expedition Lop Nur, the "Wandering Lake." 

It is a hostile place nicknamed Asia's Devil's Triangle. This unfriendly area has caused the deaths of hundreds of people.

In 1980 Peng led a team of biologists, geologists, and archeologists to Lop Nor to conduct new research.On June 17, several days into the journey, he abruptly disappeared from his camp after leaving a note saying he was going out to find water.He never came back again.

When the Chinese learned about Peng's disappearance, the government immediately responded by launching a rescue mission. The government ordered the military to dispatch more than 10 planes, helicopters, and hundreds of soldiers to search for him.


2.Time travel at Lop Nur,the missing great scientist soul wear emperor Wang Mang, revitalize reform?

Wang Mang, an ancient China emperor 2000 years ago. The first item of emperor Wang Mang's drastic reforms is the land system, which states all fields and does not allow private purchases of land. This policy, and the state-owned land system implemented by the country in the early days of the founding of Peng Jiamu, can be said to be carved out of the same mold. Coincidentally, in the New Deal, Wang Mang also proposed important measures such as the prohibition of the trading of slaves, five equals and six management, which are very similar to the market planned economy policy initiated in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the concept of equality for all. As a vested interest in private ownership and slave ownership, Wang Mang was a son of a noble family. In the social environment at that time, it was incredible to be able to propose such reform measures. And other than that, the bronze calipers of Wang Mang found in Wang Mang's tomb are exactly the same as the current vernier calipers. Therefore, many people are more convinced that Wang Mang is Peng Jiamu who traveled through.

You know, at that time when Wang Mang lived, it was not easy to produce such an accurate caliper. But if a scientist like Peng Jiamu traveled back to ancient times to make a caliper with such precision, it sounds more logical.

Everyone knows that the oppression of women by the ancient feudal dynasties was quite serious. But under the fetters of such feudal thoughts, Wang Mang let his wife go out to welcome guests in a short skirt! How could an ancient person have such an advanced and avant-garde thinking? This has naturally become a major theoretical support point of the "traversal theory". Moreover, after Peng Jiamu's disappearance, the team members found that Peng Jiamu not only took away some essential items, but also took away a copy of precious materials. If Peng Jiamu really just followed the message on the note to find the source of water eastward, why did he take a copy of the information? And what is recorded in this precious material? Is it possible that this material was prepared by Peng Jiamu in advance for the crossing?

3.Airplane mysteriously crash;

An airplane flighted from Chongqing city to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 1949, and it mysteriously disappeared at that time. It was accidentally discovered at Lop Nur after 9 years.The airplane’s route is northwest direction, but it crashed in south direction at Lop Nur.

4.Loulan ancient kingdom mysterious disappearance

Loulan city suddenly disappeared from the area in the third century, leaving a wealth of enigmas for later generations.Since 1979, Chinese archeologists have made six surveys of the Loulan area.However, Chinese and foreign experts and scholars are still puzzled by a wealth of enigmas of the ancient Loulan city.There are different views on why and how the city, once a booming trade center with a thriving trade in silk, glass and perfume, disappeared so suddenly.The advantages geographical position brought about unparalleled prosperity to the ancient Loulan. The ancient Loulan City had a history of nourishing age and a brilliant oasis culture. But with the passage of time, the ancient Loulan City disappeared quietly after the long history in the 4th century. 

In the vicinity of the ancient city, there were sites of houses, Buddist Pagoda, beacons, ancient tombs, etc. The dried female corpse found there was called “Loulan beauty...caused a sensation at home and abroad”.

5.Mirror People legend

In the 1960s a group of wandering sand people were found in Lop Nur who seemed to be mentally ill and excited but soon died, and the dissection found that a plant with a toxin was found in their stomachs, and the organs in these people were mirrored by normal people.Therefore, investigating the origin of these people and finding the plant became the first priority, and several investigations failed to find it.

6.Pisces jade pendant legend at Lop Nur

It is said that the Pisces jade pendant is not the kind of real jade pendant we imagined, but because it is said that someone once successfully copied two identical fish,and the two fish can swim completely independently:but if one of the fish is poisoned, the other fish will die in seven hours. Mirror people event may relate to pisces jade pendant.Pisces jade pendant is time machines or material transfer devices of superhuman civilization.It may involve alien civilization.


7.Alien Base

There are many suspected UFO pictures took at Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Lop Nur is in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region either, and photography location is close to Lop Nur. Presumably,Lop Nur may has alien base.


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